Wisdom from Jelly

October 04

She toddled into the bathroom as I was putting on my make up this morning. Looked around to see what her pudgy little hands could get into, and found her treasure of the day. The empty toilet paper roll was all she wanted.

“Uuk (look) my spy scope!” she says and runs off to play.

I giggle thinking of what a blessing she is to my home. I love her fresh perspective on everything. Mostly I am a little envious of her contentment.

She is the 3rd of the middle children.

She came after the 10 toy rule, lives in hand-me-downs, and isn’t allowed to have “special stuff” because we share everything. She has 3 mamas…well they try to be her mama but she will have none of that. But she has people who try to boss her around every day, and she just rolls with it. She is delighted with the simplest of things…a toilet paper roll.

Wow, do I need to take a lesson from a 2 year old.


It’s something that Tom and I have often struggled with in our marriage. And something we are currently waging war against in our home.

Back when Tom and I first got married, I would dread Sunday mornings. Oh, I loved sipping coffee together, and reading the paper. But I hated what would ALWAYS happen when Tom reads the paper. He would pull out the For Sale section and look at homes. And look at homes. Every week he would call on some home that he thought would make a great deal. Oh it used to drive me nuts. It’s been years since he’s done it, mostly because we don’t get the paper anymore. And also because he realized that this was a weakness of his. Instead of letting it consume him, he waged war against it. He has decided to be content with the home that God has provided for him.

I do it in other ways. I compare my body, my family, my church, my husband, my house, my clothes…everything. And I seem to always come up short of someone. Right? Isn’t there always a B.B.D. (Bigger, better deal)? Yet, if we choose to keep our eyes always open for the B.B.D. then we miss out on the blessings of what is right in front of our faces. The toilet paper roll that is a spy scope.

Scripture tells us to be content with what we have. (Hebrews 13:5) And that we are to be content whatever the circumstances. (Philippians 4:11) But what if what you have is a mess? What is you are living in a broken marriage? How are you to find that contentment?

The secret to being content is Christ. (Philippians 4:12)

Our souls will not find rest without Him. We will always be looking for the B.B.D. and we will discover, sometimes through very hard ways, that there is no B.B.D. than Christ.

Being content in every situation doesn’t mean that you are filled with happiness over what is your lot in life. It would be hard to be delighted to be in a marriage that is falling apart, illness, or loss of a loved one.  When you find your rest in Him, then you can be content knowing that this is where Christ has placed you. For a reason. He doesn’t allow things to happen just because. He doesn’t do anything on a whim. He has a perfect plan for your life. If you press into Him when circumstance threatens to steal your joy. Then girl, you will be amazed.

You were made for more.

You were not made to live in the drudgery of life, just plugging along getting through each day to reach the next. You were made to thrive. And to bring Him glory. So let your contentment sing out to the unreached. Show them how you are different from the rest. Show them that the B.B.D. that they are seeking can be found in the B.I.B.L.E. (cause that’s the book for me).

I want to look at the drudge of life (the empty toilet paper roll) and see the amazing! (The spy scope!) That can ONLY happen through Christ who gives me strength.


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