Pinterest and the Bakken

October 26

Since moving to the Bakken, getting off Facebook and starting to communicate with the world around me, I’ve refound my love of crafting. It’s not always an easy task since I have 5 littles who always want to help, so I have REALLY found my love of crafting with my clothes and make up. Pinterest has been my go-to for new fun things to try.

So here are a few Pinterest inspired things.

This is me with soft hair, I curled it with the curling iron upside down, and then used pins to pin it back. Sprayed the HECK out of it, since we live in North Dakota where the wind don’t stop, and LOVED the way it turned out. Made my pulled back look not as severe as it usually looks with my straight hair. Inspired by some of the pinterest do’s I have seeing…since my hair isn’t long enough to braid, I had to get creative.

Then I went to a Mama’s Craft night through the church. I was uninspired, so I watched a fellow blogger/crafter/adoptive mama/daughter of Christ make this scarf.

I LOVED how simple it was to make and how cute it looked, so the next day, I made one myself.

I LOVED it, now I am in the process of stealing all of Big T’s old shirts and repurposing them. 😉 Don’t tell Big T but he has been wondering where all his undershirts are going. 😉

Another idea I decided to not just pin, but to actually do was this:


After tracing the hand of each child, I let them decorate the back, and then I wrote the Scripture verse I want to pray for that specific child on each little hand. This idea as far as I can tell was traced back to this blog.

And last but not least, I have been trying my hand at healthy recipes. The most popular one that I’ve noticed blowing up the Pinterest boards is these new “chocolate” muffins. Let’s just say that the Grimm littles are not fooled by imitations. And these hit the garbage quickly. It’s been requested that any recipes I try off Pinterest that are healthy are to only be consumed by me. Big T and the Littles want real food…and real chocolate. 😉


I have found that living in an area where activies (aka shopping) is not as easy to do, I am getting more creative in my downtime. Just call me the Crafty, Betty Crocker of the Bakken.



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